The Homestead Way

    Homestead represents a refreshing, new way of thinking and of doing business. Like many of our competitors, we produce a high quality, custom cabinet and furniture line with skilled craftsmen working in modern facilities. The things that we believe set us apart from the competition are:

  • Relationships
         At Homestead we have a deep commitment to build and foster long term relationships with our valued dealers. We are very selective about who we choose to do business with. We value open communication and integrity. We feel that we are working on the same team with our dealers. We have a company culture of providing a high level of customer service that we believe is unusual in the industry.

  • Environmental Responsibility
         Like many other wood working companies Homestead uses low volatile emitting finish systems and no formaldehyde added panel products. We recycle waste and take other steps to reduce our impact to the environment. Unlike any other company, Homestead has a long standing commitment to rescue and reuse local wood resources such as old barns and discarded trees. When we reuse lumber from an old barn or wood from a 100 year old dead tree we feel that we are preserving a bit of history and saving a piece of our heritage. At the same time we are preventing the need to cut, mill and transport a new tree from far away. For more information check out our Urban Salvage Page and our Reclaimed Page

  • Commitment to Dealer Success
         Homestead can only succeed if our dealers succeed! In that light we do all that we can to help our dealers succeed. We have experienced customer service professionals who carefully review each order in comparison to plans. We ask questions and suggest solutions or approaches to difficult design challenges. We are always available for consultation and collaboration. We would rather help prevent a mistake than to charge someone to fix it later. It is not our goal to have the most dealers. Rather, it is our goal to partner with a select few dealers to achieve mutual success.

  • Creativity
         We are driven to find new and innovative products and solutions. Be it furniture pieces, door styles, wood species, finishes or accessories, we are always offering new ideas. As you get to know us, you will learn that our creative and innovative thinking is contagious. We encourage our employees and dealers to "think outside the box" as we seek for continuous improvement.

  • Cost Effective
         We are a small business with relatively low overhead. We are a non union shop with old fashioned values and work ethic. We believe that our price point is below that of comparable competitors. Besides our fully custom Homestead Line, we have developed a more cost effective line of cabinetry that we call "Heartwood". The two lines allow a dealer to meet the needs of a wider range of customers.

If you are a prospective dealer and feel that your philosophy is in alignment with ours, please contact us for further discussion: Contact
If you are an end user and are interested in learning more about the Homestead Way please contact a dealer in your area: Dealers